I'm very excited to announce that Google selected me to be a participant in a just-launched program called Helpouts, where people can get real time video help from an expert. They contacted me to be one of the photography experts on the site, and asked me to set up a unique Helpout program that revolved around the type of work I do. 

And most of what I do is lighting, which is probably best taught in person, hands on with gear, or at least in tutorial style videos that can be watched at leisure. So I had to change gears a little bit and include the part of my workshops that we don't always get to do in the way I'd like.

Portfolio reviews are important to any photographer, at virtually every stage of their career. Getting feedback from friends and family is a good place to start, but many believe that this sort of help can actually be counterproductive. Of course your mom thinks your work is great. Mine has never had a bad thing to say about even my worst photos.

So I'm glad to share my experiences and give any photographer, from the new-camera-in-box to working professional like myself, a portfolio and marketing critique and review. Any photographer can benefit from a new set of eyes going through their work and offering a different perspective on how it's all presented. I'm hoping the Helpout program will be a part of my workshops in the future for people that need the time for some one-on-one advice.

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