I've been using Profoto lights for over 5 years now, and I'm still in love with them. It's not that the light itself looks better than my other lights, per se, but I do find myself relegating my other heads to backdrop duty almost exclusively so I can put the Acute kit up front and center. 

Several blog posts have backed up this infatuation, mostly when it comes to using the bare Profoto dome as a modifier itself. Today's shoot required a bit more omph than even the bare light can provide, so we went with a basic reflector on a wide zoom. 

The punch from the light is phenomenal. We had to feather it way down to cover our foreground for other versions of this picture, and we still maintained a huge advantage over the sun that was almost directly in the frame. 

Doing test shots to warm up while the light comes lower.

I've used other lights with their included reflectors, and none of them, with their un-zoomable setups, come close to creating this kind of light. Just need to add more Profoto modifiers to the collection. 

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