While it was quite the long and productive summer, with new jobs and clients, a road trip, and other comings and goings, one of my favorite shots is brand new, though the parts have been over a year in the making. Pictured is a Bell & Ross BR 01-94 Watch in front of a HGU-55 helmet, with an Aces II ejection seat as the backdrop. Yes, a real ejection seat, pulled from either an A-7 Corsair, that has been turned into my office chair. It's not the most practical chair ever, but it certainly grabs your attention. It'll be the subject of its own shoot in the future. I typically go overboard with lighting on watches, but this one was only two lights through a roll of diffusion on the side. It wasn't easy lining up to get the reflection on the visor to play nice with the watch face, but it paid off in the end to do it in one frame. Some text was added to the seat for a little break in the otherwise monotone image, and color was added back to the lower window since the coating made it look washed out.
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