As brief followup to the last post on the creation of the Home Depot Pro Globe in comparison to the $600 official version, I put these two modifiers head to head in a completely (not) scientifically benchmarked test.

Using my Acute 1200 and each modifier, I rattled off ten shots with each of an Xrite color checker at a properly metered f/8 1/200 5600k, pulled them into photoshop, made two lines, and then checked the color temperature and shifts from one exposure to the next, for both types of globes.

The long and short of it is that the Home Depot version will put a few more points of magenta into your images-something to consider for work showing a lot of skin. You'll need to counteract with a couple points of green to even it out, and that could possibly change the overall look of anything not lit by this modifier. My highest registered value was -15 green to white balance the Home Depot globe, vs -10 green for the Pro Globe. not a huge difference to me, but pixel-peepers may not approve.

I doubt that the shift will be outrageously noticeable in real world applications, and the savings of over $500 for what amounts to a plastic globe and universal speedring wipes any doubt from my mind that this will be an extremely useful mod.
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