WInter is my time to kick start all my promo efforts fresh for the year. New mailing lists with better targeting of potential clients, new mailer promos, and now, a little add on that will get people's attention and keep it. Cards get pinned up on boards and eventually covered or forgotten, filed away under 'potential photographers' or worse, tossed right in the trash. But these 1 gig USB keys with my branding on them is something that people will want to use, and put my name in front of them every time they do.

I did a bit of research and found a whole bunch of companies that do customized USB drives, and settled on the key design for being unique and eye catching. Simple laser engraving of my name/logo and website on both sides reminds people where it came from, and each will be loaded with content from my site and portfolio. I'm really excited to have these to give out to potential clients, since it's much more memorable than a business card. A whole series of promos can be planned around these with some innovative packaging, much better than just a simple postcard.

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