Mistress Paige Pinup Bathing Suit 5
Sometime you get a really cool email. Like, 'I'm a professional dominatrix and I'd like you to shoot some pinup with me' kind of cool. How can you turn that down? And so, despite the job description, Mistress Paige is actually quite a nice girl, until you pay her not to be.

It was also a great chance to try out some new and upgraded equipment. I managed to snag 3 Broncolor Scoro packs that we had been demoing, along with a Hasselblad H4D60, the 40's bigger brother. I'm no stranger to Hasselblad equipment, but its always exciting to see files that come out to nearly 9,000 pixels long and 400+mb tiffs. I Immediately regretted not having a larger external drive to shoot to with me, but we managed to squeeze in over ten gigs of raw files in just about an hour of shooting.

Broncolor packs are known for two things-speed and color accuracy. I've been shooting Profoto for nearly everything up until this point, but the Broncolors blew me away. Dead accurate colors frame to frame is always nice to see, and saves me a lot of time in post work.

And while we didn't really have the subject matter to test out the speed, or flash duration of this particular pack, I did see how I could dial up insanely fast flashes with decent output for the other sports related work that I like to shoot. And the packs are crazy light, which was great since I had to set up and tear down pretty fast, without an assistant.

Mistress Paige, being a thorough professional, came with her hair and makeup already done. This being New York, she told me that she had just gotten off work a few hours ago, re-done her makeup, and come right to our mid-morning shoot. If she was as tired as I was, it didn't show, and she even humored me when I asked her to pose with the last Scoro pack, for posterity's sake of course.

Mistress Paige Pinup Bathing Suit 2

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