It's been busy here in NYC and the blog is being neglected, like my personal work at the same time. But new and exciting client work is coming up, as well as my review of the Hasselblad H4D40 that I've been using lately.

This shot of the tantalizingly delicious Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey was shot on the H4D using two Profoto 7A packs and 3 heads. A beauty dish on the ground was shooting through the 1/4" white plexi for the light table, and then two 8' silks on either side had gridded heads shooting through them. I've been using giant silks and foamcores to shoot bottles instead of softboxes like I used to. Having that large of a light source evens out the highlights on the bottle to the point that they just blend in much nicer.

The honey was added after I had the bottle looking exactly how I wanted it. The coolest part is how you can see the highlights from the silks, shadows from the label, and the amazing color and tone of the honey by itself. The H4D really shines here in its color rendering and the sheer depth of the image, it almost looks 3d in the large version. The only post processing was to add a little shadow to the edge of the pool of honey, something that could also be done by placing black cards all the way around it.

Coming up in the next two weeks are a few shoots and posts on other current work, a full review of the H4D40 as I've been shooting with it, and some other surprises.

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