Jen Johnson Golf Portrait 2

This was a shot from back in school, and was one of my somewhat ridiculously large setups. Seven lights are in here, think you can spot them all? Check out how I did it after the jump.

thanks to flickr user j.cleveland I remembered to finally make the lighting diagram for this picture. It took me a minute to figure out my own lighting, but the in studio stuff can be predictable at times, so deconstructing it wasn't too bad. Then I remembered I posted the lights used on flickr. Typical.

Two softboxes on the background start off this high key image. Metered a generous 2 stops over my planned subject exposure (f/5.6 subject, f/8-11ish on the background). I chose a fairly wide aperture to get even more depth of field out of this picture. A long lens and compression can do the job for you, but only if you have the working space to do it. I was a little crammed in there, so wide open was easier than hitting the wall.

The two strips on either side of Jen are gobo'd off for flare control. If you can't see the light source, it can't make a flare even if its hitting your subject. Black cards don't bounce much light, so you're also not worrying about spill.

The beauty dish above Jen was one of my favorite lights all year. It has great falloff, and near softbox quality soft light. The last two lights are on either side of Jen's arm sticking through the Gobos, at about equal power. The top of the ball is being ever so slightly lit by the beauty dish, and the back of her hand and arm is all grid.

Setup Jen Golf Shot Lighting Diagram

This is the rough lighting diagram, and what Jared may not know is that nearly the same setup was used the same day for another shot, this one:
Andrew Wojo Glock 3

I used the same setup for a couple reasons. Working without an assistant is tiring sometimes. And Wojo's shot was actually the test for Jen's, but since we had two completely different subjects, I felt that repeating a lighting pattern wouldn't be too egregious a sin.
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