I'm writing this from the set of Level 26 on the CBS lot in Hollywood, CA. I was brought on to do some behind the scenes stills and video for them, and it's been a blast so far. We're working on the actual sets they use for CSI NY, so it's pretty cool.

Anthony Zuiker is directing the cyber-bridges that get linked to from the accompanying books, and this one is due out in october. I got a chance to read book one after wrapping the first two days, and it's a really intense crime novel, definitely worth checking out. See some behind the scenes pics after the break.

Michael Ironsides as Tom Riggins
Dark Prophecy 9

Daniel Buran as Steve Dark
Dark Prophecy 2

Steve Dark's murdered foster family
Dark Prophecy 5

The crime scene was one of the first we shot, and the makeup guys did an awesome job making everyone look appropriately dead.

Dark Prophecy 27

We're shooting straight through till thursday, so there's going to be tons more pics to follow.
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