I do a lot of cell phone photography, starting way back when the first camera phones came out and gave you mushy, crap pictures that you had no way of getting off your phone without an expensive data plan. The iPhone is several generations removed from that now, and I love the combo of camera/editing software available for download.

I use several programs and I wanted to highlight some of them and why I use them. The pic at the top was taken just a day or two ago on spring break, and it went through 3 programs to edit and upload. Read through the process after the break.

After taking the picture, the first step was Tiltshift, which emulates the narrow depth of field thats been popular recently. It doesn't have to be used to make a picture look like it was a miniature model, you can use it just as effectively for a background blur and some good basic controls that are easy to use.

Next is Camera Bag which is a really cool emulator app. Vintage looks including 70's and polaroid, film looks like 'helga' and infrared and some other one-step edits are great to use.

The app I've been using the most though doesn't necessarily have the best editing or controls over any other app, but has a great uploading and social network feature. Chase Jarvis' Best Camera does editing and uploading to flickr, twitter, facebook, email and its stand alone social site bestc.am, all in one step.

There's no reason to only use one app to edit your cell phone pics, and while you may not be able to sell a book with exclusively cell phone images in it, I've seen some great work done with a cell phone that might not have otherwise been possible.

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