Despite 90+ degree weather and the distinct lack of an air-conditioned workspace, we had a blast at our final summer meetup. While we changed the name (Strobist A2/DT), the incredible time we had with everyone stayed the same. Our only regret was that we didn't do this sooner and more often. With a group this successful, monthly meetups would have been easy to accomplish. Read about our final (for me) meetup and our plans for the future after the jump.

Our location was a repeat from an earlier meetup because of our time constraints, but with everything moving around as quickly as it does in there, we still had plenty of new places to shoot. Like a forklift, or a solar collector, or in a spate of daredevil behavior, from the rafters. New photographers and models created incredible opportunities to stretch our creativity, rehash old ideas, and collaborate on new ones. We've formed such a tightly knit group and gotten into a rhythm that we already know what our next step is going to be.

While this was unfortunately the last meetup I'll be able to personally organize and come to, the group is definitely not going away. Several of our members have stepped forward to donate their time and effort to keeping the meetups on schedule. And while I'll be away in Massachusetts, it's easy enough to book models online and keep myself involved in the group that means so much to me. It's been a privilege to work with everyone that comes to our meetups, and created more opportunities than I ever imagined.

From here, the new content I promised will start coming in, starting with some new equipment reviews, techniques and other ideas I want to share with everyone. School starts in just a few weeks, and lighting lessons will be coming in frequently as I pass on information that anyone interested in Strobist type photography will enjoy.

Also, as soon as some good, royalty free, non RIAA controlled music is made available, the video from meetup V will be posted as well. For now, we have a slideshow with pictures from all our members that attended.