Meetup IV at the Grosse Ile Airfield was an absolute and stunning success, and we had a blast hanging out with some great photographers and models in a one of a kind location. Planes, snakes (and snakes ON planes), motorcycles, and oddly enough a hearse and casket were just some of the attractions this time. See everything we did and a slideshow after the jump.

Getting nearly unlimited access to a decommissioned military hangar is a great way to bring out some unique shots, and as always, this group did not disappoint. Everyone outdid themselves in their new work, and we're impressed with the variety of work getting put into the pool. We even had a celebrity appearance, Paul Mobley.

We tried a few new elements for this meetup, and everything came out great. We've gotten this down to an art and science, and we're ready to get right back to planning the next meetup in late August. Also, look for a video of the meetup, coming soon.