The third Strobist Ann Arbor meetup was another great success. We had some great new models and photographers, and a returning group of people that we can count on to make things run as smoothly as they do. Our location, obtained last minute thanks to Steven, wasn't quite what we were expecting, but everyone made the best of it. Snakes, a band and a Kung-Fu master rounded out our attractions, making us fairly popular in the neighborhood for the day.

We've been doing these meetups for almost a year now, and after 3 full blown meetups and some smaller workshops, we feel pretty confident in our ability to plan these guys. We would like to have an easier time getting locations, but we're getting better at working our contacts to land us some cool spots.

Get some more info for next time, and see some more pics from the day after the jump.

All of our photographers have greatly improved since we saw them last, and we're seeing some really impressive work coming out of these meetups now. Working with new people is always a great way for everyone to learn and get new ideas, and sharing a setup with someone gives us opportunities we might otherwise miss out on. We have a core group of photographers that are really showing everyone what Strobist is all about, and these are some of the same people that are teaching at the AMP workshops as well.

We're already planning the next meetup for mid to late July, and we're penciling in plans for August as well. Getting locations is all we need to have confirmed before we start the signup process again. The more we do these, the better they get, and we're also pretty sure we're one of the most active Strobist group in the US right now. While most meetup threads on Strobist revolve around a lonely cry for someone to organize a shoot, ours is all about signing up for the next big event.

We've also started a dual mailing list for AMP and SAA, signup here for more news on meetups, workshops and other events being planned.