Like the last quickie iPhone post says, we're up and running towards our next meetup on June 20th. Its being held at the Russell Industrial Center, which caters to the Detroit creative community, and it's one hell of a location. Tons of cool stuff is going to be at this meetup, you won't want to miss it. More after the jump.

Previous meetups have featured classic cars, motorcycles, ninjas and a over a dozen models for our photographers to work with. But this meetup is going to be even bigger and better, and some of the talent we're booking is out of this world. Not only are the models even better with some of our favorites coming back, but we're getting tons of non-traditional models to come as well. Suffices to say that its going to get a little hot in there.

We're not putting any limits on the number of people allowed to sign up like in the past, we're going all out to make this the best Strobist meetup ever. Its a long standing goal of mine to get our group featured on the front page of the real Strobist site, and this might just do the trick. We are still asking people to shout out and let us know who to expect, especially when planning food and how many regular models we'll need to keep everyone busy.

Details of the meetup like the time (10am to 8pm) and location (1600 Clay rd., Detroit) are available on the flickr page along with the sign up thread, which also covered a few FAQ's. More bits of info will get posted here and on flickr as we move closer to the date of the meetup. Keep checking back, and don't forget to sign up.

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