After a bit of a gap where I had to concentrate on school and getting the next Strobist meetup going, it's time to get another AMP Workshop going. The last workshop was really great, with four of us instructing over 20 people on location and studio lighting, products, wedding, and general portrait photography. The next workshop will also feature a photoshop segment where we'll show different techniques for editing your shots from the day.

We really wanted to make this class exceptional, and to be a great value as well. Offering the day long class for $100 per participant is going to include a whole bunch of stuff that wasn't available at our first workshop, or even at the Strobist meetups. We're also limiting the size to 15 people so we can really get hands on with everyone and make sure we cover anything you ask for. More details after the jump.

While some workshops out there are really just expensive lectures, we wanted to make the whole experience as interactive as possible. Right from the start, everyone is using high grade equipment, so nothing besides a camera is necessary to bring. Making sure everyone is comfortable using their camera is covered during the workshop setup, so even if you're a complete beginner, we can help you get right on track and shooting along with everyone else.

The intermediate and semi-pro level shooters will be more interested in the freedom we give our participants in how and what they want to shoot. We always bring in a large selection of models and rotate them frequently, so everyone will have unique shots instead of the same one over and over. We encourage dynamic interaction and want to make sure everyone gets a chance to try something they wanted to personally develop.

The locations change nearly every time to give new backgrounds and creative influences to each workshop. Some will be held in studios, various buildings, homes, and others outside in local parks and city streets to ensure new material for everyone. The classes change as well, depending on the guest instructors and available materials for each workshop. Our main classes for the next workshop are portraiture, product, location, and wedding photography.

So if you really want to get into a workshop that will give you the best experience in lighting and photography, the AMP Workshop will not disappoint. Everyone from beginner to semi-pros will learn something new, and take away an amazing experience. Participants are limited to 15 per workshop, so be sure to sign up before all the slots are taken.

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