The first AMP Workshop was, as is the norm for this group, another amazing meetup. It looks like everyone enjoyed the variety of classes we offered with the hands on learning that some of those other workshops are lacking. Despite being a little sunburned by the end of the day, I had a great time teaching about lighting on location. Once again, the models were great, and everyone walked away with some portfolio-worthy stuff.

The next step for both AMP and the Strobist Ann Arbor is another general meetup in mid June, so keep checking back for when a date and signup is announced. More details after the jump, along with some general info.

Because of our highly involved and generous members, we've been able to offer some incredible opportunities for photographers of all skill levels to come and shoot with us. We've brought in dozens of models, classic cars and props to an awesome location donated by Jeff. I keep telling these guys that all I'm good for here is booking the models and printing a sign in sheet. So far, these meetups just can't go wrong. I'm very pleased, and a little proud of myself for bringing together such an awesome group of people.

I'm especially pleased and proud of the AMP workshop since I had the opportunity to build it nearly from the ground up. Splitting them apart this early also gave me the chance to define how it was run and who helped me do it, instead of getting stuck in a strictly Strobist format. Of course, the element that will never change is how we share this experience so we can all practice the hobby (or profession) that we're all a little too obsessed with.

We're already in the early planning stages of a huge meetup for mid June, and we're really pulling out the stops for this one. If you've seen Chase Jarvis' Seattle Strobist Meetup, thats sort of what we're going for. We really want to put Michigan on the map for photography, and if this next one doesn't do it, nothing will.

There are now three pages for you to check up on. Aside from this blog, there's the new AMP Flickr Page here and if you haven't joined the original Strobist Ann Arbor Page, its over here. If you don't have flickr, be sure to sign up as those two pages will get updated more frequently with info on the next event.

Until then, keep shooting.

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