It was suggested by one of our Strobist Ann Arbor members that I should start blogging about our group, the meetups we arrange, and other info relating to Strobist and my photography in general. I think that this time, I might actually have the site traffic to warrant the effort of typing this stuff up. More after the jump.

Our second meetup is this weekend (March 14th) and to say I'm excited is an understatement. It took a bit more effort to get this one off the ground than our first one, but the results look much more promising. Bigger, better, and with more models than you could shake a stick at, it's going to be incredible.

Some highlights of this meetup include a kickass warehouse to work in, full of industrial equipment, a couple cars, and a bunch of toys to play with. I'll be bringing a bunch of props for everyone to use, and doing workshops on lighting people, action, and big objects.

If you didn't make the sign-up for this meetup, fear not. We'll be having more in the future, and if I ever get an airplane hangar, space won't be restricted at all.

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