Strobist Ann Arbor Meetup Redux went off with hardly a hitch at all, and the turnout was amazing. Over 40 people attended, and the pool is starting to flood with some awesome samples of the work that went on there. Keep reading after the jump

First of all, I want to thank everyone for coming, because obviously without all of you, it's just me in a warehouse. And of course a huge thanks to Jeff who donated the warehouse for us to use right when we were on the verge of scrapping the whole project. Without him, this never would have happened.

I've been poking through everyones flickr streams, and compared to the first meetup pictures, I'm very impressed. I saw huge improvements in a lot of people, whether they got new equipment or had been practicing, the results are great.

Everything went nearly as we had planned, though it fell apart a little towards the end as people had to leave. It was definitely a long meetup, and with as much cool stuff as there was to shoot, I'm just glad I had enough energy to drive home after. The guys in the back won the 'Last Strobist Standing' award, still shooting when I had to pack up and leave.

Keep checking back here, the main site, and the Ann Arbor page for details on the next workshop and meetups. As most of you have probably heard, I'll be moving to Massachusetts for a year at the end of the summer, but rest assured, I'll make sure everyone is well taken care of, and we'll see if we can't schedule a meetup to coincide with a weekend that I'll be home. A few of you have generously offered to help in the planning, and I'll be counting on you and others to make sure it goes great, whether I'm here or not.

I know it's not quite as cool as being posted on the main strobist page, but I'll be checking with people to use their pictures on the blog and for future promotional material. For now, you're stuck with just looking at my awesome models-Shira, Ryan, Darrin, Danielle and Dana.

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