Step 1: Get a bunch of photographers to sign up, promising gorgeous models, free food, and an awesome location
Step 2: Convince models ranging from beginners to pros to sign up. charge for food. lose location, find another.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Profit! But not really, I'm running this thing at a loss just so I can hang out with some really talented people and develop a few ideas I had wanted to do.

I've learned a lot while organizing these two meetups. While our first one was pretty successful, it was a little slap-hazardish, in a 'that's good enough for college students' kind of way. Which really wasn't bad, considering it was put together by a couple college seniors with no experience in event planning. We might have missed a few details, but we had such a great turnout of people that gave us all sorts of help and advice, we dove straight into planning this one without a second thought. More after the jump.

It took a while because of location issues (they can't get our transcript audits right, why should they know who's scheduled to use the gym?) but we did have a member jump in and save us with an offering to use his warehouse (thanks again, Jeff), and it just exploded from there. I'm not sure what the actual date was that we opened up for RSVP's, but it sure went by fast.

This meetup exemplifies everything the Strobist movement is about-interaction. Not gear, but getting together a group of like-minded people and turning them loose. The effort put forth by almost everyone to bring together everything necessary to make a meetup of this size work has been incredible, to say the least. We might not have gotten front page on the Strobist blog yet, but I think we're pretty close to getting a nod from Mr. Hobby himself.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again (and meeting all the new people) at what is definitely the biggest free photographic event in Michigan.

until then, keep shooting

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