After the Strobist Ann Arbor Meetup, Jeff asked me run a lighting workshop so we could do smaller groups, more in-depth discussion, and really work on some techniques that are common in the Strobist world. We're still in the early planning stages, but with me being short on time due to a possible internship and graduation coming up, we have to move right along to squeeze in as much as we possibly can. Keep reading after the jump.

Right off the bat, we picked out some subjects to cover at the first AMP lighting workshop. Tabletop and product photography, on location lighting, small flash lighting, studio portraits, wedding photography, and big objects. We're also bringing in some of the advanced members that attended the meetups to teach their area of expertise.

An overall smaller group size broken into several classes that rotate will let us really answer everyone's questions and give everyone plenty of time to practice the techniques. It will also be shorter than the regular Strobist meetup, but we'll cover more material.

The best available date is looking like April 4th, a little short notice, but we'll make it work. Keep checking back for updates here and on the Ann Arbor page.

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